St. Albert the Great OP

Today’s memorial is St. Albert the great. St. Albert of course is a doctor of the Church and also a Dominican. I happen to have been trained theologically by the dominicans and have a great affection for them so I was pleased to celebrate the memorial of St. Albert the Great.

When you go to seminary at the North American College at Rome you have a choice between two schools. The Angelicum run by the Dominican’s or the Gregorian run by the Jesuits. Some guys don’t get a choice and their Bishops decide.

The Gregorian has the reputation of being the better school, the Bishop’s school, the more intellectual of the two educations. Students of the Greg often enjoy teasing the Ang studnts about this reputation. They say we take crayons to class and draw pictures of Jesus and Angels and what not. One student, a close friend, gave me a pack of crayons for Christmas.

Well as I told my people at the end of Mass today the Dominicans were founded to combat the heresy of the Albigensians and the Jesuits were founded to combat the Protestants.

If you pay attention and look around carefully you will see that their are no longer any Albigensians.

Crayons are sometimes effective tools for the Gospel.

St. Albert the Great; pray for us.


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