I went to dinner at a families home last night and had a really great time. I enjoy visiting homes quite a bit and don’t get to do it too often. Our Parish is about 2000 families. While that is small by many standards it is the largest in the state of South Dakota. In this priests’ personal opinion it is far to large.

I am pretty sure I was made to be a small town priest. About 500 families in a parish would be stretching it but I would prefer 300 or less (which is doable). Personally I would like to be able to visit every family’s home once a year but at least once every 2 years.

I definitely think a parish where it is impossible to visit every home once during your 5/6 years there is too big.

Realistically you probably won’t get an invitation from everyone and of course there is your day off and nights when you have appointments. I think you understand my main point.

I just hate people saying “Hi Father” to me out in the city somewhere and I have to ask them if they are a member of the parish.

We shall see what happens. I sure wish we would shy away from the mega parish where the priest becomes a manager of a household instead of a father.


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