Emptinging Purgatory One Soul at a Time

Did you know you can get a Plenary Indulgence for devotly saying 5 decades of the Rosary uninterrupted in a Church or in your family?

The Handbook of Indulgences is really cool. I highly recommend it to you. I of course got my indulgence for Nov 2 (you need to practice what you preach). The nice thing is the confession is good for 8 days of indulgences so that means I have a few more to go. I think I am going to have to go to weekly confession so I can keep these things rolling. What a great deal.

I am looking forward to getting the indulgence for myself but I have a few more specific people to offer them for who have died before I do that.

You bet your bottom dollar I am offering one for our Holy Father the day he passes on.

I encourage you to learn more about indulgences. I have got some help to expand the website soon so I will be adding some helpful hints and whatnot. I will probably get pretty busy with it around Thanksgiving when I take my first vacation.

Until that time I highly recommend you go down to your local Catholic bookstore and buy or order a copy of the Handbook of indulgences. Read the first few pages about what they are and the conditions of getting them and then get busy. The Church has been very generous. You can get lots of partial ones and one plenary one a day.

The Handbook of Indulgences
The Handbook of Indulgences


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