Father Todd – The video

Father Todd’s mother asked us to put together a slide show from photos she had saved for many years. We took those pictures, added our own and found some from his computer. We selected some of Fr. Todd’s favorite songs and produced this video. I hope it helps all of us know this man a little better.

Click “Continue Reading…” below to watch the movie. It is recommended you have broadband to download the movie, it is 29 MB.

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(18:19, 28.74 MB, MOV format, Quicktime Required)

16 Responses to “Father Todd – The video”

  1. Mairin Brennan Says:

    Thank you for sharing Father Todd’s life with us. I was just surfing by and stopped to watch the video.
    Wow! What a life! Those of you who knew him were truely blessed. I thank God for the chance to hear and see his story. He will be in my prayers, as will all of you.

  2. bullschuck Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I saw it after the funeral and was hoping to be able to see it again. What I’m still struck by is the obvious affection that Fr. Todd had for his siblings. The picture of him holding his younger brother on the couch is priceless. I think it speaks to the kind of loving person that Fr. Todd was.

  3. Dale & Jean Strimple Says:

    My wife and I never knew Fr. Todd but took a road trip from our home in Plano, TX to Sioux Falls and decided to attend noon mass at Cathedral, the church we were married in going on 30 years ago. That day, 5/31, became very special for us, as that was the day Fr. Todd’s Memorial Mass was celebrated.

    We never knew Fr. Todd, but after the Mass and watching this video, we feel honored to have been touched by him and his incredible faith. What an inspiration and testimonial for his love of God. A remarkable son, man and Father!

  4. Rich Says:

    I cried, I laughed, I remembered.

    Thank you.

  5. Tom R Says:

    Harry and Delano,

    I can’t thank you enough for that video. It means a lot to everyone who knew him. It summarizes Fr. Todd’s life beautifully. Thank you.

  6. Mike Says:

    Wow, what a life filled with so much love. So many feelings from this. I wish I had know Fr. Todd, he would be someone you would be proud to call “friend”.
    I live in California, but about a week ago I was driving through Texas on the 35 coming north from San Antonio and passed a sign that read Buda and I didn’t know why, but I knew it would come into my life again. I found this site from catholic ragemonkey and I wish I had found it sooner (if I could use aggie there, I would).
    I agree with the others who have written, it would have been a blessing to have known Fr. Todd.

  7. Basil Knebel Says:

    Wow. What a great remembrance of fr. Todd. I’m definitely touched. It really did’nt hit me that he was gone, even after the memorial Mass. This video did it. I cried like a baby… but it was out of happiness for him to be in heaven!

    The Choice is ours. We should choose well. Just like Fr. Todd did. He chose eternity, and boy, I bet He’s happy!

  8. Christina Says:

    Harrry and Delano..many thanks…God Bless

  9. Jules Says:

    The video is very touching and a real tribute to Father’s life. I really enjoyed hearing him preach again. He always had such a way with words. To his family, my deepest sympathy, for I know the loss of a young son myself. You are just so lonesome for their presence. For me, pictures/movies keep my son alive and comfort me even if it makes one lonesome too. Father Todd touched people for a reason, a season, a lifetime. He is in God’s presence…who better to take care of him. Blessed be his memory as he enjoys the wonders of Heaven!

  10. Msgr. Charles M. Mangan Says:


    May God reward you, Harry. I really appreciated seeing the images of Fr. Todd.

    We miss him dearly, but I am convinced that his prayers will have a powerful impact. In fact, I have personally felt a special help since his death.

    Requiescat in pace.

    In J.M.J.,

    Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

  11. Leigh Says:

    I watched this and sobbed, both with grief for all of us that we have lost such a priest and man, and for joy, because I know Father Todd is in heaven receiving his Reward and is so very happy. I sent the link to my friend who is a priest, I know he will like to see it, too. Thanks so much to the people who loved Father Todd enough to put this together for him.

  12. Ann Hundt Says:

    I did not know Father Todd personally, but I knew his Aunt Kay very well, as well as his mother Phyllis. I know how very proud they were of him. God had to have something special in store for him to take him so young. Having lost a son of my own, I know some of what Phyllis is feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with the whole family, that they will come to understand that their is something that we can all learn from this. May God be with all of you.

  13. Eric Evander Says:

    Like many who have posted on this site, I did not know Fr. Todd personally but I sure enjoyed his blog and homilies. I know good will come out of this and I think part of that good will be an increase in vocations to the priesthood. This will be due to Fr. Todd’s intercession from heaven. I have prayed to him already to ask for his prayers for my son to follow in his footsteps and become a priest. I pray that our Lord will bless his family, comfort them and replace their sadness with the joy of knowing they will be with their son, uncle, and brother for all eternity in our master’s house.

  14. Deb Barondeau Says:

    I had the privelege of knowing him when he was our Priest at St. Anthony’s. He was to the point but had words of comfort when needed. He is missed, our prayers are with his family. Watching the video brought back many memories of him. Peace be with all.

  15. Carolyn Thomas Says:

    What a joy to watch these pictures of Father Todd as a child. I did know him in Buda as he was growing up and going to high school with my son. I knew the family and respected and liked them all.

    My special memory of Father Todd is from a telephone call he and I had in Rome, Italy when he was going to seminary in Rome. We had about a 45 minute conversation about the wonderful education he was getting, Rome, the Italian people, and many other things. I could have talked with Father Todd for hours. He volunteered to take my husband and I and the couple we came with on a private tour of St. Peters. I had to turn him down and he never knew how hard that was for me to do because he was so knowledgable and, being a convert to the faith, I was so interested in learning everything.

    The other couple had made arrangements for a tour guide at St Peters and I was not brave enough to suggest a change (they are of a different religion). Unfortunately, the tour guide they hired was not very well informed or very interested in the tour and it was a great disappointment.

    Then, another time, I contacted Father Todd by email to congratulate him on his ordination. In passing I told him of my son’s new job as an Austin policeman and of my concern for his welfare. Father Todd mailed me a St.Michael medal to give to my son who told me after Father Todd died that he still has the medal.

    May God bless Father Todd and may God bless this wonderful family.

  16. TO Says:

    I only knew Fr. Todd through his blog, but this movie helped me to feel like I knew him much more. Seeing the impact he had on so many people around him – family, friends, congregations, not to mention us Internet folk – is just remarkable. I thank God for his life and pray for all of your comfort as you experience grief and loss.

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