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  1. CHristina Says:

    Thanks Delano..we were wondering.
    God Bless,

  2. Milt and Helen Ellis Says:

    We are members of St. Michaels Parish in Sioux Falls, SD. Fr. Todd came to us right after he was ordained. We enjoyed him very much. He was such a nice person and he gave great homilies.

    I think I remember him best when he would say the school mass on Fridays and afterwards would stand in the back of church and wait for all the kids to file past him on their way back to their class rooms. If a little boy came by who had a crewcut, he would pat him on the head and say “nice haircut”. If one came by that had longer hair he would ask him if he didn’t want a haircut like he had. Even the girls got teased about having a short haircut like he had. They would giggle all the way back to the classroom.
    He was well liked here and we were sorry when he was reasigned because we didn’t get to have him long enough.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you………..

  3. John Roers Says:

    My strongest memory of Fr. Todd was his keen interest in the history and books by Chaplains involved in wars.

    We hosted a Mass in our back yard when Fr. Todd 1st arrived. When he found out I served in Vietnam, was wounded and spent a year in a hospital, he wanted to visit more about my tour, but his strongest interest was in the Chaplains I was able to see.

    He knew of several Chaplains in Vietnam who gave their lives, some who wrote books of their experience, etc.

    At that time his goal was to complete his pastoral mission, then enlist in the Marine Corp to serve in the military. As we later found out he did not get into the military, instead accepted the assignment in rural SD.

    At St. Michael’s we only had him for 6 months or so, but came to know and love him as a servant of God to help us to follow his mission as well.

    My deepest condolences to the family.

    John Roers
    6517 W Strabane trl
    Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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