There is no place like home

Well it has been a while since I have written. I have been very busy and I will leave some details of that in the next few days. I haven’t recorded my homilies in quite a while and still have 3 or more which have filled up my recorder that I need to post. The problem there is that my notebook (which I bought a little over two years ago) became my primary computer when I walked into my new assignment last July. The reason…. the pastor doesn’t have a computer there. That will change in the near future. First I had to get the secretery a computer to replace her old one. My notebook wasn’t intended to be a laptop replacement and it has been limping along ever since I tried to start using it that way. This all started back in December when I sent it in to get some things fixed before the warranty died. I didn’t get it back for at least 6 weeks and I have been making do since then. You will notice a steady decline in posts since that time.

I am hoping to get a desktop system for my desk and send my laptop back to it’s original purpose which is to do work while I am traveling. We shall see how it works. I hope it can keep working for a couple more years because I really don’t have the money to buy one and I don’t want to finance one.

Anyway, I am on vacation for two weeks in Texas. It is been great being home. The trip was very tense. I think people tend to be at their worst in airports and my temper tends to rise at some of the blatantly rude bahavior. Well that was Yesterday. I got to get beat up by my godson and his 3 siblings. I never knew I looked so much like a jungle gym but I had kids jumping all over me, hanging off of me and kicking and punching me (evidently I am Darth Vader because I wear black and they are all Jedi.) I am just glad their lightsabers are made out of plastic. The problem is the littlest one doesn’t have his own so you have to keep an eye on what he uses as a lightsaber.

As soon as I arrived I learned I left my medicine at home and so I made a trip to Walgreens where there was a nice young lady with a killer southern accent. I miss hearing that.

Now I have two weeks of food to indulge in as well beginning with breakfast tacos this morning. We shall be having BBQ very soon and a Whataburger of course.

I will be floating on the Rio Frio on Friday which is my favorite way to relax.

I have the first communion of my Godson’s sister on Saturday and will be catching up with all my priest friends as well.

It will be a great vacation and well needed to because when I get back I have to hit the ground running again.

More on that later.

Thanks for bearing with my absence… please keep my in your prayers.

2 Responses to “There is no place like home”

  1. Gary Weisbrich Says:

    Fr. Todd and I studied together at the seminary in Rome and we traveled to England and Ireland together for Christmas. We shared alot about our journey and what God was asking of each of us. He became a priest and I returned home and in two years was married to a wonderful woman. We shared alot in our different vocations. Todd visited our home a few months ago to have a dinner with us and to bless our home (he did bless each room and I was concerned about there being water damage since he was very generous with the Holy Water….Which i’m sure he learned from Bishop Carlson… Todd was very interested in our married life and wanted the very best for us and for all married couples. We very much enjoyed his Friendship. Now he meets Christ face to face….that which was the passion of his life. Thank you Todd for your generosity to follow Christ and to be a witness to so many.
    We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

    Gary and Angela Weisbrich
    Harrisburg, South Dakota

  2. Deb Weinrich Says:

    Fr. Todd’s Family: Our sincere condolences on the loss of a very wonderful priest. Father Todd was a very good role model for our 17 year old son. We will always love him for that. Jesse was able to see that priests are human beings and people who you can really talk to. He does the mowing for the church so he got to know Father quite well. He is considering going in to the Marine Corps next year. Father had told us that he wanted to be with us when the recruiter came and talked to Jesse. He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed. Jesse is going to serve mass tomorrow when we have our memorial mass here in Faulkton. May God be with all of you.
    Ron and Deb Weinrich and Jesse
    Faulkton, SD

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