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AntiCatholicism rearing its ugly head

February 24, 2006

These people won’t be satisfied until they control every aspect of your life according to their agenda.

Prayers Please

February 14, 2006

A priest friend of mine is very seriously ill. I would ask your prayers on his behalf.

Mission Organization

February 9, 2006

That is the title of a television show on HGTV I have been recording. My rectory is filled with 50 years of accumulated junk. Closets are full of all sorts of stuff and there is general clutter.

Inspired by the show, I have slowly begun going through drawers and what not with the idea of getting the place in shape. I don’t have quick access to the nifty boxes and things they use on the show but the basic sorting skills I have.

I achieved a small victory the other night when I got this big cabinet in my office empty and sorted.

When it gets warmer I will be hauling a lot of stuff to the dump.. worthy stuff I will donate or sell in a parish garage sale.

It is a huge project but it should be very satisfying once a lot of the stuff is gone.