Italy, Vatican City, France, and England

This October will take me to the above four countries. I have been traveling with my younger brother and enjoying it. Last year we went on a cruise. It was a last minute deal because he was called up to guard the innauguration (He is a cop in Texas). He said he could cancel it but I told him no way because he would never get the chance to do it again. So we changed our original plans and went on a cruise. It was an interesting experience.

This year was scuba diving or Rome. Rome it was. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to see in Europe and like the Good patriotic Catholic Man he was he wanted to go to Normandy to see the beaches. I had never been there but am really looking forward to it myself. Hopefully they will let me say Mass at the cemetery. That is the main reason I want to visit. Anzio was a very moving experience for me and I swore when I became a priest I would return to say Mass there. I don’t know if it will happen this trip but it will some day: the Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

So I asked him if he would be interested in England or Ireland while we were over there. He would like both but we don’t have enough time so we will spend a coupld days in London.

So it looks like 2.5-3 days in Rome. 1 Day in Paris(Have to see Notre Dame and Rue de Bac) 2.5 days in Normandy and 3-4 days in London.

Hopefully he won’t mind me dragging him to a bunch of churches but he lives in the United States so he has never really seen a things on the level of the Cathedrals of Europe.

Planning it out consumes a bunch of Energy. Rome is easy.. I lived there 4 years. I know where to stay, where to eat, how to get around and what to see in a few days.

Normandy is a bit more challenging because I don’t think we will rent a car which means I have to wait until 2 months before we leave to book trains. Also I got an email this morning from the B&B I want to stay in. They told me the room was available but they didn’t take reservations that far out (October). I should write back in April. Who knows maybe French Calendars don’t go January to December. But then again I am a bit different than most people when it comes to time. It absolutely mystifies me how some people deal with it. I ask people if they want to go to World Youth Day in 2008 and some people say I don’t know what I am doing then……(scratches head)…If you say you’re going then you know what you’re doing. Of course I am the priest that stands in the back of the church with his atomic watch and announces to the altar servers 1 minute 37 seconds. Mass begins on time.

Anyway.. I digress. I am pretty familiar with London as well so that should be a nice visit. This time I am writing the Govenor of the Tower of London and asking permission to say Mass in St. Thomas More’s cell. Please pray that that will come about. He is such a hero of mine. Hopefully the sisters at Tyburn Convent might allow me to say Mass for them as well.

All in all it is shaping up to be a good trip.

The funny thing is in the last 24 hours two people mentioned to me that they want to go to Rome. Many people have asked me if I would lead a pilgrimage… perhaps I need to think about that. If I did would any of you guys be interested? It would have to be in 2007 or early 2008. It would probably be Italy only. But within I would certainly be open to Naples (Amalfi Coast is one of God’s truely great geographical masterpieces) Turin (Blessed Pier Giorgio, Assis, and San Giovani Rotunda. We shall see if there is interest.

Enough for today. I know I still owe you some homilies. I just got my laptop back from the shop after 6 weeks of it being gone so I hope to catch up soon. It has my audio processing stuff on it.

2 Responses to “Italy, Vatican City, France, and England”

  1. canadagrl Says:

    My folks just got back from Europe in September and they stopped at Juno Beach and Lisieux – the latter was just coincidental. They were able to book tickets through the hotel they were staying at (they tried to do it from Canada through their travel agent but it was too complicated) and everything worked out just fine. So, while I’m with you and like to have everything very organized months in advance, you might just be better off to take that aspect a little more calmly and wait until you get there. Good luck — it sounds like a wonderful trip!!

  2. Paula Says:

    Hi stranger! Have you ever heard of the “Lonely Planet” series of travel books? My co-worker’s son is stationed at the Presidio in Monterey, CA. She gave him a couple of the books, covering areas or cities in CA. He and friends say the books are perfect! Will tell you what to see if you only have a day or two .. directions, tips. Like where to park down the street because it’s cheaper than a lot across the street, etc. I know they have books for other parts of the world, other countries. You might want to check that out.

    Central Missouri is needing moisture .. pass some down, okay?

    Peace & all Good! Paula

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