Huron Youth Rally

We just had our annual high school youth rally and it seemed to go very well. Guest Speakers included Matt Smith of Real World Fame and Apex Ministries.

I didn’t get to hear Matt’s talk because I was enroute from my last Mass. I was bummed because I heard he was decent and I always like to be able to talk to my youth about what they heard. I am hoping we got it on video. I did get a chance to chat a bit with him about tech stuff. He does have a good eye for design and he has a very clever wit. He has a belt buckle he designed that was quite clever and I hope he gets to sell them at some point. I will try to keep an eye out for that.

Apex Ministries did a fine job as well. I enjoyed their technical skills especially. I didn’t get to watch it like I would have liked to because I was busy getting stuff set for Mass.

One interesting thing was they were doing an ice breaker where you had to find someone who had done x or someone who was x or someone who had been to x country etc… and have them sign your paper. Well one of them was a priest… I walked in and I was mobbed…. and no red carpet. Well I couldn’t possibly sign all of them so I just said in a rather loud voice….. it doesn’t say ministerial priest… you are all priests, prophets and kings by virtue of your baptsim…. then I watched them swarm each other.

Overall it was a good day to end a trying week. I have been battling a pretty rough cough that has been keeping me up weird hours without much sleep and almost making me lose my voice. But God saw me through.. funny how the readings said today: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Anyway the homily went over pretty well in all my parishes. That should be coming later. I need to d/l it from the recorder, convert it to mp3 and u/l it later. I left my cable in Faulkton and I am in Sioux Falls for a few days… so look for it Thursday.

I am probably going to put up written homilies again. People have asked for them. I just hate correcting the typoes (Yes I did that on purpose haha).

More to come.


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