One can only hope this is true.

I have been a strong proponent for a long time of not allowing men suffering from SSA to be ordained. I will write a more on this a bit later. In the midst of the “scandal” I to one person “Doesn’t anyone see that in almost ever case it is a priest acting out with a teenage boy? This isn’t Pedophilia.” I was told that I shouldn’t say that to anyone.

Hopefully something is finally going to be done about this.


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  1. chmni Says:

    Hi, Fr Todd….I was wandering through the internet, as you do, looking at some bloggs and came across yours. I read The Tablet, which is a UK church review, and noticed this week a little article about seminary visitation and some comments by A’bishop E O’Brien (who I think is the US military bishop) about men of gay orientation not presenting themselves, and not being accepted, for seminary training and the priesthood. I came across your comment as well, though am a bit confused. For example, what is SSA? Anyhow, from the link (“one can only hope this is true”) I guess that you have a definite view on this, and would align yourself with A’b O’Briend.

    Well, I think you are wrong. Priests of gay oreintation always have been, and probably always will be, a significant part of the presbyterate, most hard working, faithful, gifted men. Like me. 25 years ordained, still here, still faithful. It is incredibly hurtful and alienating to be told by people like you and A’b O’Brien that really we should not even have been accepted for the priesthood. It is the Lord who calls us, not people who evidently suffer from ignorance and a degree of homophobia. The Lord called me. And he called me as I am, and called me to live my life in an integrated way, faithfully, as a priest. But he did not call me to deny myself, or to denied by others.

    I agree with the comment in the link (last line – “it says to gay priests, many of whom are hard-working, faithful men who live their promises of celibacy with integrity, that you should never have been ordained”….and I ask, who are you, or A’b O’Brien to assume the right to say this to us ?

    One final thought, in my experience where you find ignorance about sexuality, homophobia, discrimination, hatred, self righteousness, it usually stems from fear and even denial on the part of the people who exhibit and act on it. When confronted with this, I ask myself, what are they denying, what are they scared of ? Usually themselves.

  2. Kay Says:

    Fr. Todd – I suspect that the document barring gays from the seminary and ordination will become this generations’ “Humanae Vitae.” The truth can hurt, there is no doubt about it, but that doesn’t make it any less true. BTW – the Lord does call us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him.

    Please don’t ever let the name calling and self-justification of your “brother priests” deter you from preaching the truth about homosexuality in the priesthood. chmni should be ashamed of himself.

  3. Englishleigh Says:

    Hey, Fr. Todd….you are 100% correct in your comments and view. Homosexuality is a grave sin…the priesthood and such a sin do not mix. Bravo to you, and especially to Pope Benedict for cleaning house!!

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