I am hoping to get my first non-homily podcast up sometime before October. I recorded some things on my voice recorder on my trip to Sioux Falls Yesterday. I don’t expect the first one to be very polished but we shall see what happens. It is mostly an experiment. I still need to find a program to edit these things. I need to do noise reduction and transitions from clip to clip. There are some nice programs out there but some are a bit expensive. I am downloading two trial versions now. I am hoping that the cheaper of te two will work.

If I had a school attached to my parish I could get a great discount with educational software. We shall see what happens.

Next week Children’s adoration begins again. I bought a video camera over the summer when Best Buy had 2 years no interest financing. We are switching to the Cathedral so I probably won’t record the first one. Maybe in October. I won’t need to edit that stuff so I think I can find a program that will compress it for the web that won’t cost me anything. I still haven’t loaded the software that came with the the camcorder onto the computer yet so I don’t know what is available there.

I also am waiting for Bestbuy to have another no interest financing deal of at least 18months on desktops. 2 years would be much better but I dont’ expect to see that. My current desktop is getting a little low on power and out of date. An upgrade would allow me to turn my current box into a server which would make me not worry about bandwidth on my webpage server so much.

One other thing I am hoping for is a No interest financing deal on a tank of GAS. Were at $3.20/gallon in Faulkton.

More to come later.

3 Responses to “Podcasting”

  1. Paula Says:

    Here in central MO gas is $3.09. I read somewhere that they are considering allowing service stations to charge by the half-gallon since some of the older pumps do not have a “3” on them.

    I’m still waiting to hear how it is you know so much about computers .. 🙂

  2. canadagrl Says:

    I feel your pain. We hit $1.36 per litre up here in Canada – ouch! Best of luck with the podcasting, please be careful with the flying lessons, and no probs for the Gmail. Hope that you enjoy it and your Best Buy finds! 🙂

  3. John Says:

    Father, if you haven’t stumbled across Audacity, it’s free – and pretty sophisticated.


    Regards, John

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