Flying High

Well I took my first flight today in a small Cessna. I am hoping to get my pilots license but am unsure if it will happen because I have Type II Diabetes. I will have to see if I can pass the flight physical for that. I don’t think it is a problem since they let me drive. I am hyperglcemic rather than hypoglycemic. The FAA regs state you can’t be insulin dependent or taking hypoglycemic drugs. That seems to make me think I have a pretty good chance. Please pray for it if you don’t mind.

Now today was just supposed to be a brief joy ride but the instructor told me as long as your here we will let you do some things. Now it was a bit like a 6 year old whose dad is teaching him to drive. I wasn’t sitting on his lap mind you but there were definitely two sets of controls. But I did sit in the main seat and it was quite fantastic. We took off and landed twice. I am pretty sure that I did most of the second take off without him doing too much. This little baby can take off at 50mph. It is weird though because you steer with your feet while your on the ground.

The second landing I did a bunch with as well but I am not kidding myself. Landing really is a controlled fall and your glad you got the instructor there. I bet the first solo is a real nerve wracker.

Anyway it was fun. In the future I will get some photos.

We have a flight club here in Faulkton and a lot of my parishioners are in it. The plane rent is fairly cheap and I look forward to getting to know some people better.

3 Responses to “Flying High”

  1. Englishleigh Says:

    Will be praying, Fr. Todd. I didn’t realize you were diabetic. My priest friend, another Fr. Todd, was saying he wondered why so many of his priest friends are diabetic…I wonder if there is a connection to the vocation? My husband is also diabetic. Take care of yourself.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Father, if your diabetes is managed by dietary control as opposed to medication there should be no problem re obtaining your pilot’s license. If you are on dietary control only, your insulin levels will not drop so low as to cause you to faint – this, I imagine is the concern re flying.

    Are you on a low GI diet?

  3. Paula Says:

    One of our younger priests here has his pilots’ license .. I’ve flown in his little Cessna .. what a joy! (he was ordained the day our son was born – 14 years ago, St. Padre Pio’s birthday).

    It’s a great way for him to get around our mostly rural diocese.

    Fly high, Father Todd!

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