The audio files from my website are now available as podcasts via Apple itunes. You can find and subscribe via the itunes music store under podcasts / religion and spirituality / christianity / …. then look for A Son becomes a Father and you can subscribe for new updates.

I am having a bit of trouble with the artists tag. I tried what I could find on the subject to insert it in the RSS feed but had no luck. If someone out there knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate a tip or two from one of you who know more about it than I. Please email me at toddreit at juno dot com (I sure hope someone hasn’t programmed a spider to decipher email addresses printed that way).

One other small note…. if there are any gmail users out there I would like to ask if you would consider sending me an invitation. I would like to try out one of those accounts.

Thanks in advance.


One Response to “Podcasting”

  1. canadagrl Says:

    I’d be happy to send you an invitation, Fr. Todd, if you let me know your email address. You can reach me at lamland@gmail.com.

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