Major Score

I really am loving my new assignment so far. When I was here 8 years ago as a seminarian I went to the little movie theatre every week. It is owned by a local parishioner and she very kindly treated me. I have always loved the movies. I worked in a movie theatre and it was one of my favorite jobs. I was hoping to own theatres one day but you now how those plans go. So as a seminarian it was fun to talk with her about her theatre. When I was ordained she gave me a lifetime pass to the theatre. Little did she know I would be her pastor one day…

So far it has been great. One of the questions I asked her within about 2 weeks of being here is: Would you be willing to show a film on the life of Therese of Lisieux. She said she was interested. I contacted Luke Films via email. When I sent back the initial info I didn’t hear from them again.

I asked my parishioner if she had heard anything and she said she called them twice and they didn’t return the phone call. So… I got on the phone and called them.

The seemed a little hesitant because we were so small and the costs of distributing the film and sending us a print were high. I asked “What if I pay for the shipping and promotional costs”… well he asked for the phone number of the theatre which I gave him.. A few hours later we had the film booked. Praise be to Jesus Christ.

Now the film is going to be shown here in Early November I believe. I will confirm that later. But for all you South Dakota types that read my blog…. I think you should plan on coming to see it and bringing your youth groups if possible.

As more information becomes available I will post it.. including where you can call to reserve tickets. I am hoping to sell out all four shows we get here. I would ask your prayers and the intercession of St. Therese for the successful showing and conversion of hearts in our little corner of the world.

2 Responses to “Major Score”

  1. canadagrl Says:

    I saw the film in Toronto in the spring and it was really well done; congrats on getting it shown in your neck of the woods! If you ever get the chance to see Saint Ralph, that film was also very worthwhile (and based on a true story too).

  2. Anne Shirley Says:

    I’ll definitely be spreading the news here in Watertown as there is quite a bit of interest in this movie. As far as I know it was only shown in Milbank for a brief time. Unfortunately, many people weren’t aware of this and missed it. I’ll be checking back for place and times.

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