Greetings Again

The Pope arrived yesterday and it was a zoo. I watched most of it from the Hotel Room. I went to everything in Paris and could barely see anything because I was so far from a television screen.

It is great meeting pilgrims from all over. It is suprising how often you run into people you know.

Our tour of the Cathedral is today. We are slotted for a 4pm entrance which means I am going to miss the one session I really wanted to go to which is a session with Jim Caviezel (sp).

We also have mass with our Apostolic Administrator tomorrow, Bishop Samuel Aquila. It will be nice to see him. Then tomorrow is the big Vigil… I think I will watch that from the hotel room as well. Paris looked like a million puppies piled on each other. I don´t think I am up for that and especially not a wise thing to have kids piling on a priest. I will make it out for the Mass.

We leave at 3am Monday morning to catch our flight in Amsterdam. I am hoping to get a lot done. Need to free up the computer.

One Response to “Greetings Again”

  1. Paula Says:

    You are now on your return .. looking forward to hearing all the stories .. my next prayer is for the jetlag to be overcome quickly.

    Welcome home!

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