Greetings again

The free internet sites are busy and the pay ones cost quite a bit so the posts are brief at the moment. I am writing a few topics down for comment later.

So far so good. We just had Mass (which yesterday was almost invalid for a bunch of priests..I will explain that later). Right before Mass the Pope landed and it was shown on the jumbo screens. The crowd went wild. I don´t think Benedict is going to have a hard time winning the youth.

Some tempers are getting to some people but as I predicted the kids are doing fine and fortunately most of it is invisible to them.

I am going back to the hotel room to watch this on tv. The Germans are creating a national embarassment for themselves logistically in the transportation and the food departments. More on that later as well.

I have run into a bunch of priests I know which is nice. I am going to have to get going here so the kids behind me don´t start cursing me.

More later….

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