First of all let me say that I wish Europeans would get with the picture and use the same keyboard layout as us…

Other than that the pilgrimage is doing well even though there have been some unexpected changes.

1) One bus broke down that was driving us to the airport. One of the young ladies left her passport on the 1st bus when she switched to the new one. This necessitated her missing her flight. We were on four flights. I waited as long as I could so she could take my spot and I would fly alone on the later flight. Her Dad couldn’t bring it in time. So she had to fly out along. I told her not to worry I would pick her up in Rome later that day when she came in.

I waited and she didn’t show up on the next flight. Worried I called our group leader on his cell phone only to find out weather delayed her in cincinatti and she would be coming in the next day. Ugh.

I got back to the hotel and lots of people were cranky and on edge… We basically tried to keep people calm until they got some sleep.

The next day was our day for Mass at St. Peters.. I wasn’t able to make it because I needed to go back to the airport and pick up the young lady… I said I would get it the next day.. So I picked her up, got her to the hotel, she was able to shower and change and we went in search of the group. We finally met them at St. Peters around 1:30. I gave the tour of St. Peters. I have forgotten a lot of stuff but we got through it although I lost most of my voice. I tried to tape record it or video it for download on the site but it didn’t work out so you have to wait until next november when I bring my brother over.

After that I returned to the hotel to pray. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until my roommate came in at 11:30. I asked him what time he was getting up to go to Assisi. He told me there was a wakeup call at 6am. I said good. I am going to wake up and go to St. Peter’s because that is my last chance to say Mass there on this trip. Well we went to bed and the wakeup call came….. at 7am. He missed his trian and I missed my chance to say Mass at St. Peters. I was pretty disappointed because I have to wait 1 1/2 years for the chance to do it again. But it is a pilgrimage and God had other plans for me. So I offered it up for the Holy Souls. I am offering all my Masses and whatever little penances I have on this trip for the Holy Souls and am asking them to pray for two intentions.

Today was a different day but things are going well. Some of the kids are really learning a lot and having a good time. The chaperones seem to be cooperating more and I pray that continues.

Tomorrow is a full day on the tour bus to the major basillica’s and the Santa Scale (Holy Steps) Hopefully we will get a few more souls out of purgatory. We leave for Venice early on Sunday and the Germany on Monday.

Thank you for your prayers. I will try to update as we go.

It is good to be back in Rome. I never thought I would say that but I am enjoying my time here and looking forward to when I can return and say Mass on some of my favorite altars in Rome as well as the military cemeteries in Anzio and Normandy in 11/07.

Now please let this post when I hit return..hehe

2 Responses to “Update”

  1. Paula Says:

    Father, have been thinking of you and other groups I know in Europe right now. I giggled for I know .. kids always seem to do fine, it’s the chaperones!!

    God bless .. and “thank you” from the Poor Souls! 🙂

  2. John Says:

    Dear, dear – what a start! You’re taking all “changes” with a good heart though. May God bless you richly for your generous and charitable heart.

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