All Roads Lead to Rome

I am heading out to Rome and Germany for World Youth day. I would ask your prayers for the young people and that the adults would set a good example for them.

It is my first time back to Rome since I have been ordained. I am very much looking forward to saying Mass on some of the altars of Rome but especially St. Peters. St. Peters is probably one of my favorite places on earth. I love the basillica.

I should return about Aug. 24. I hope to have some stories then.

3 Responses to “All Roads Lead to Rome”

  1. Fathero9 Says:

    Have a wonderful trip Father. I look forward to hearing of your experiences, but if you have a chance take some photos and post them. You will be in my prayers.

    God bless,


  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    I didn’t bring a camera. I am not a big picture taker… but I will see if I can get some emailed to me from the kids that go. I am sure they will have tons of stuff

  3. dani MarieBernadette Says:

    ps I am keeping you, the youth and the adult role models in prayer…dani MarieBernadette

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