Jehova’s Witnesses

Just had some come to the door of the rectory. I appreciate the boldness. I felt bad for the guy as he left because he was clearly shaken. Sola Scriptura isn’t found in the Bible and he had never been asked to show it.

I edified his desire to follow the truth. I told him I thought he was obedient to the truth as he knew it. I told him I felt he had been deceived by the leaders of his Church in that they taught him something that his own scripture contradicts. He brought up pedofilia as being popular in the Church… I said it isn’t at all popular we teach it is a sin… he said: Well the media says it is popular… I told him I don’t believe what the media reports because they have said awful things about Jehova’s Witnesses that I just didn’t think were true and it would be unfair for me to believe them.

He left and said just know we didn’t pass your door.. I said thank you, just know I didn’t kick you out but it was your decision to leave.

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  1. Paula Says:

    First of all, good luck with packing and moving once more. I’m beginning to think you must be part gypsy! šŸ™‚

    A few years ago the J. Witnesses came regularly into our community. I was working from my home then and invited them in. We had nice talks. I think they were surprised to find a Catholic who was able to quote chapter and verse of scripture. I remember discussing “tradition” .. I’d asked how they conducted their worship services .. and how did that “structure” come about. As scripture does not give a prescribed “recipe” for worship services, they had to concede it was tradition. Thus I described the Mass to them, the tradition AND the scripture (how I wish we’d had Dr. Hahn’s “The Lamb’s Supper” back then!!). They were genuinely interested and asked more questions of me than I of them. These ladies came regularly for several months. I actually missed them when they moved on.

    We are preparing for a five-day visit from our Benedictine priest friend .. Father Ignatuis is 78 and it will be the first time he’s been to our home. He served as chaplain to a summer camp I worked at 27 years ago in Colorado. We became great pals in that short time and through the years have been a great support to one another. I had the priviledge of singing at the liturgy celebrating his golden jubilee last December. Please pray we have good weather for getting about and sight-seeing. I am so happy!

    Blessings to you! I’d hoped you would post the homily from Corpus Christi .. was looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Love and prayers from Missouri!

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