Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Wisperer is going to replace Joan of Arcadia. Evidently it is a show about a girl who talks to people(ghosts) that other people can’t see. Now there is an original idea. It is down right offensive to me that some people are so blatant in their attempts to steal someone else’s idea. Or how about the title? The first thing I thought of is Robert Redford. They can’t even come up with a decent title for the show. Joan of Arcadia was a very clever title for a show. The idea was novel and new and I think the reason people loved it so much was the writing tended to be fresh and creative.

I think the writing on this new show is going to be as creative and fresh as the idea for the show and the name. In otherwords…. we have one more hour a week to read or do something else.


4 Responses to “Ghost Whisperer”

  1. jas Says:

    C’mon Father. This is/was a television show, not something of lasting value. We would be better off by exercising the “off” switch.

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    It is a means of evangelization and it communicated truth to the young in a way that was easy for them to understand. I have had many discussions with young people based on the show. I like things that get young people to ask me questions… Joan was a good tool for that. We shouldn’t scorn the media. The Vatican thinks it is a powerful tool of evangelization and I think more good shows on television would be a better solution than terrible shows.

    Christans, especially the laity, cannot insulate themselves from the world. It is the very vocation of the lay person to sanctify the temporal order. I think that was being done and it is disappointing to see it cut off. We shouldn’t withdraw from the world but permeate it like salt and light and transform it for the glory of Christ.

    Respectfully, I disagree with you.

  3. Paula Says:

    Ditto, Father Todd.

    The replacement sounds an awful lot to me like the premise of the movie “The Sixth Sense”. Guess this is easier on the network .. writers can make up anything they want, whereas with “Joan..”, well, let’s just say I’m sure the Wormwoods assigned to CBS execs worked overtime to get it off the air.

    blessings from Missouri way!

  4. canadagrl Says:

    Did you see this Fr. Todd? You’re not alone in your sentiments!

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