Joan of Arcadia cancelled

It is funny that the replaced Joan of Arcadia with a girl who talks to dead people. I hate to be a consiracy theorist but it sure looks like this is either reprisal against the Hall’s or more likely it is an attempt to get God off of primetime. Too much truth for main stream media.

7 Responses to “Joan of Arcadia cancelled”

  1. Paula Says:

    I thought of you when I read the cancellation news. I loved the show, but Friday nights were a bad time for us (school sporting events). I’m sure CBS will milk it for a little more $$ and offer episodes on DVD .. and I’ll buy it. The show was popular and the critics liked it. I’m with you .. I think the closer it got to real “truth”, the harder it was for the network to “come into the Light”.

  2. Mirariel Says:

    Hello Father Todd

    I came across this blog by coincidence, and I wonder if it allows for critical comments. Be that as it may, let me advise you that if you hate being a conspiracy theorist, then do not be one. As a simple matter of fact, Joan of Arcadia had horrible ratings. The fact that you, me or the critics liked it does not make the company any money.

    The rationale behind replacing it with a ‘ghost story’ is quite simple: it is hoped that ghosts appeal more to younger viewers than does God – and young viewers is where the money is for the network.

    Simple market forces can often explain seemingly coordinated and directed actions as, on closer examination, we do not evince a conspiracy but rather the ‘invisible hand’.

    Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem.

  3. hdworking Says:

    Father Todd
    My family, my son’s inlaws and everyone we knew were avid viewers of Joan of Arcadia. There was an interview with Amber that we read titled something like, “The interview Amber Tamblyn doesn’t want you to read”. In it she stated that she personally does not believe in GOD and she went on to say that if there was a GOD why would he would allow Bush to be president. (It’s been a while since I read this article so my quotes aren’t exact but I think you get the gist of it.) First of all, I was offended that someone who doesn’t even believe in GOD would play someone who talks to GOD, and then have the nerve to make such an admission. And secondly, I find it distasteful that celebrities are so negatively outspoken about the President of our great country. Needless to say, after sharing the article with our family and friends, no one taped or TVO’d or watched it any more. Too bad too, because I adored the rest of the cast. At least they knew how to keep their mouths SHUT! Anyway, we don’t care that it was cancelled, we stopped watching a long time ago. I don’t think it was a conspiracy at all, I think ol’ Amber shot herself in the foot!!!!

  4. murdoxeffect Says:

    I personally don’t believe in God, but only came across joan of arcadia yesterday morning as I couldn’t sleep I started watching it and thought yeah this is actually pretty good I didn’t even know that she talked to God intill I searched Joan of Arcadia on google afterwards, if I had a realised that straight away I probably wouldn’t of gave it a chance and turned it straight off, But I will watch it again as I enjoyed it before realising it was about a girl who spoke to God…but nevertheless I liked all the cast and it kept me interested start till finish.

    Oh and as for the post above I don’t think she shot herself in the foot I think she was bang on the button, in saying what she said, who could possibly believe there is a God looking out for a world as f**ked up as this one. Science is our God and science will be are ultimate down fall.

    True Story.

  5. murdoxeffect Says:

    I would like to delete my above reply but I don’t see a delete button so, sorry I respect everyones beliefs and it was not a knock at anyone or what they believe.

  6. Luis Ernesto Velarde Parra Says:

    LOL at the above comment.

    I loved the show, and I dont give Sh*t about actor’s real life. The show was great. The caracters were great. I only watch the show and 1 episode at the time on TV. I dont see the actors, I watch the caracters. Ppl should learn to separate that. And all the world knows that Bush wasnt a great President after all. That doesnt mean America sucks.

  7. Nelda Mcewen Says:

    I don’t watch TV but fortunately, I have chums that are willing to introduce me to some real gems from their TV past. Most recently, I have watched 2 seasons of Joan of Arcadia. Whew! What an emotional/spiritual workout. I found it to be spot on. The truths just keep on coming. A re-watch plan is being made. Too bad it was canceled. I would love to know where the creators were going to go with the story.

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