Joan of Arcadia

Well the season finale was quite interesting. I am seriously hoping that the show is picked up next year. I have really enjoyed it over the last two years and I think this year is better than last. I even chose Joan over Star Trek Enterprise and now it seems like both might be ending. Very disappointing but there is still hope for Joan.

I have to say I do like the priest better now than when he first arrived on the scene last year. He has gotten more priestly. The church was a bit of a disappointment but I bet there isn’t a ton of budget to do one really well.

I wonder if it is goofy to pray a show comes back on. I think it offers a great opportunity to discuss with youth. I will pray and we shall see.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it the 1st Season comes out on DVD on May 10th. What do you know… a couple of days before my birthday. I think I might get it for myself.

6 Responses to “Joan of Arcadia”

  1. khall356 Says:

    It might be goofy, but pray anyway! Actually, given the kind of power television has, and how horrible most of it is, I don’t think it’s goofy at all.

  2. canadagrl Says:

    It was a great finale; I thought the season started quite slow, but I was really impressed by the dark nature of last night’s theme. I hope they keep it on, too!

  3. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    I think it is a great show. Canadagrl I loved the first few episodes because they really dealt with serious issues in a good way.

    But the darkness theme is good as well. I am praying Mrs. Hall. I can see why Satan wouldn’t want the show back on.

    The best part of last night… although I saw it coming a mile away and was cheering for it….

    Mr. Girardi making the sign of the cross..

  4. canadagrl Says:

    I think it was all of the episodes around Judith before her death when it was getting really slow and predictable, but it definitely picked up in the last few episodes and made me really want to watch. I’m praying for its return too!

  5. Fathero9 Says:

    I thought that my wife and I were the only ones watching Joan. Its nice to see that we have company. I’ll join you in that prayer because I think this show has something good to offer. Its the only television show that I watch regularly.

  6. gls Says:

    In case you didn’t see, the show has a South Dakota connection. Voice of guidance: Rapid City man advises ‘Joan of Arcadia’ writers

    And here is an example of how it is being used in schools

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