On the Eve of Holy Thursday

It was my intention to watch The Passion of the Christ this week. Fr. Oser (the other priest in the rectory I live at now) and I had it set up for Monday night. I came down and fell asleep on the couch at 9pm or so. So he gave up. It didn’t seem it was going to happen but I asked him if he wanted to see it tonight even though we would have to stay up late.

We just finished and I am convinced it was Divine Providence. It is a such a beautiful movie. It is a prayer and mediatation at the same time. It was a perfect way to prepare to begin the Triduum.

Everytime I see that movie it insipires me with a greater love for Christ and a greater desire for sanctity in my life.

I hope your walk with Christ this week is fruitful. If you haven’t watched The Passion of the Christ recently I encourage you to do it before Good Friday is over.


2 Responses to “On the Eve of Holy Thursday”

  1. bullschuck Says:

    Lost my Grandma this week. I didn’t know her that well from Texas, but my Dad lost his Mom. Ouch, it hurts just to write that.

    Please pray for my folks this Easter, and pray for the repose of Fern Estell Schuck.


  2. mikesj Says:

    Fr Todd-
    Have you heard from Msgr Williams lately?
    I have lost track of him- we were at college
    together. Pls let me know if you have
    any info.


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