Good Friday & Terry Schiavo Pt 2.

I was thinking about the passion tonight and the parallels betweeen what is going on in Florida.

The characters are the same.

You have the Temple Leaders: Modern secularists who are out for her blood just so they can maintain the right to kill as they choose.

You have Judas: Michael Schiavo. Betraying an innocent woman for money and probably a few other nefarious reasons. The more I go on the more I have a hard time putting aside the speculation that he might have had something to do with it.

You have the crowds screaming for her death: Those right to die/planned parenthood types that want to see her die.

You have Pontius Pilate: Any of the many judges that lack the fortitude to do the right thing and hide behind technicalities of the law rather than review the evidence. They just want to wash their hands of the matter.

You have an innocent who is being condemned to death for no crime.

You have the apostles…. or did they flee once again…

The parallels are striking.

I will tell you one thing…. Florida makes some dumb decisions in their courts but then when is that news…

And one more thing…. If she dies, I wouldn’t go anywhere near florida during hurricane season. (that could be the earthquake that destroys the temple). I think the Choir of Angles responsible for nature is the Virtues. Mt 18:10 – “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.”


3 Responses to “Good Friday & Terry Schiavo Pt 2.”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Father Todd,

    As a Florida reader who has enjoyed your blog for the past six months, I’m a little sad that you would stay away from us down here. But I understand your concern.

    What about the Schindlers?

    Avid reader,

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    My comments were certainly not against Floridians in general. I just think there will be a price to pay for this. It is a pretty incredible travesty of justice and to some degree Florida voters are responsible. Now that doesn’t mean the people who worked against it. I think some members of your executive brance and legislative branch have tried their best.

    I think it is clear, from a number of issues we have seen in the national media about Florida, there are some serious problems in Florida.

  3. Crystal Says:

    “I wouldn’t go anywhere near florida during hurricane season.”

    This post was amazing. I just found your blog now via A Penitent Blogger.

    That sentenced cracked me up, I know it shouldn’t have, but after Florida’s problems last hurricane season I find myself cringing inwardly at the thought of this years.

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