A true Desk

One of the big challenges I had with my former residence is that there was no office or desk for the priest. Everything was done on my dining room table. I would push the papers back when it was time to eat and then clear the dishes to get back to work. It was very annoying and inefficient.

Today we just finsihed putting together a new desk at the rectory. The pastor here was kind enough to get a desk for the room I am staying in since it really didn’t have one.

The desk that was purchased was from Sam’s. It is the Whalen San Diego Mission Desk. You can find it online. Now this is a great piece of furniture. It is really solidly built. I looked at everything they had at Officemax and Walmart and nothing remotely comes close to this quality. The whole thing is wood and there are no laminates and it is very attractive. It is well laid out and easy to assemble. Overall it is quite excellent. I am looking forward to using my day off to get things organized.


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