Another one bites the dust

Well another day of vacation gone and another day closer to returning to work. I love being a priest but it is tough being so far from family and friends.

I think today I will spend some time reading and maybe watch another movie. I have been catching up on things I haven’t seen. I would like to see Ocean’s 12 but am having a tough time paying $6.00 for it. That is the Matinee price in Austin.

I am not sure what the plans are for tonight but the company will be good. I have to drive to Houston early on Friday to catch my plane back to South Dakota. Tomorrow I have to start getting the homily ready for the weekend.

It won’t be a fun month or two. We are in the home strecth of losing Bishop Carlson. I am still bummed about that. It was better after having seen him. I always stay at the Bishop’s house when I am in Sioux Falls. Now it will be big and empty which is a bit sad.

I’m praying for a special intention and if that comes through then it will be a big help to me in many ways. I hope you might consider adding it to your prayers.

We recently got a new, beautiful corpus for St. Jospeh’s parish in Eureka. I am really looking forward to seeing it up. St. Anthony’s in Selby also is very close to having their candlesticks refinished which should be a nice addition to the Lord’s table. They also have a good chance of seeing a new set of Vestments and altar cltohs. That should be nice as well.

Well off to pray, do a bit of reading and possibly a movie. It is good to unwind.

2 Responses to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. canadagrl Says:

    You are most definitely in my prayers, Fr. Todd, special intention and all. On a sidenote, I recently lost a very close priest-friend of mine to a transfer quite far from here with the knowledge I will likely never see him again, so I know a little bit about how you must be feeling. And one other sidenote: my little brother saw Oceans 12 and said it was 3 hours of his life he’d never get back — save your money!! 🙂

  2. Paula Says:

    You have my prayers for your special intention. I’m sure the folks of South Dakota would appreciate your bringing back a little Texan warmth .. oh, wait .. that’s BIG Texan warm, as everything is big in Texas. Right? 🙂

    Ditto Canadagrl, skip the “12”.

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