Very Sad News

I have been out of town for a few days. I found out while I was gone that I am losing my Bishop to Saginaw. Bad for us; Good for Saginaw. It is quite an emotional blow. It is like losing a father and a friend in the same day. Please pray for him. He is going to need it. Please pray for us that we don’t get a bad bishop either.


5 Responses to “Very Sad News”

  1. Paula Says:

    I’m sorry about your news of the bishop leaving. I will tell you something I am sure you know already, trust the Holy Spirit.

    I learned last week that my hours are being cut at work. I will start later each day. Although this will be a significant blow to our family finances, it is going to allow me to attend daily Mass with my children, niece, and godson. There is only good that will come from this gift.

    I’m trusting the Holy Spirit.

    Tomorrow the priests and seminarians of our diocese are gathering for their Christmas dinner. Please pray with me that this time together will be relaxing, enjoyable and renew them for their ministries.

    Peace and all Good for 2005,

  2. Marti Jo Says:

    Henry, I think the Bishop made an excellent and wise decision giving Fr. Todd the huge responsibility of the three parishes. I grew up in one of those parishes and saw several priests come and go. My family continues to be members of one of those parishes, and Fr. Todd is marrying my fiance and I in our home church. Considering the huge responsibility the three churches are, I think he’s doing a wonderful job.

    Father, I think you sadness over losing Bishop Carlson is felt by others, too. He is a very good man and our diocese will miss him. I don’t see your comments as “belly-aching.” I feel whole heartedly for those in South Asia. However, expressing sadness over losing a someone close to you who is a friend and role model rather than a huge international tragedy makes you any less compassionate for those hurting as a result of that tragedy. It makes you human!

  3. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    Thanks Marti Jo. No need to worry about Henry. He has been around since the seminary. He has issues. And he is now banned from the comments box.

  4. Andy Hall Says:

    Tough break, Fr. Todd.

  5. chnchris Says:

    Fr. Todd,

    Could you contact me @

    i have a ? i’d like to ask you; i saw a
    post of yours on the Catholic Answers Forum
    about Bishop Carlson and Saginaw.

    Pax eT Bonum,


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