The week in review

Wow is time flying by. I think I have hit that point in my life when time seems to disappear. I am a week out from Christmas and haven’t even got close to Christmas Cards which will be sparse.

This week began with a trip to Sioux Falls and a visit to the dentist. I hadn’t been in 5 years. The Bishop was telling me I really should take advantage of the two cleanings a year our insurance provides. I told him I usually don’t go until something hurts. He said that costs us a lot more. I order you under obedience to go. I am obedient so I went. After 5 years what did they tell me? You have beautiful teeth. Sure there was tartar build up but they were amazed at what good shape they are in. So I am going to be going ever 6 months. I am a big believer in preventative maintenance.

Then I had spiritual direction which was amazing and finally go to children’s adoration which was even more amazing. That is such a spiritual high for me every month. I really wish everyone could experience this. I will be posting some more pictures in the near future.

I also go to see national treasure. I didn’t go for the history but for the entertainment and it was entertaining.

I traveled back and it has been a flurry of communion calls and confessions ever since. I am going to be wiped the day after Christmas.

Speaking of which I am heading to the Twin Cities to visit my Goddaughter. I will make a brief blitz to Joliet Il. to pick up a baptsimal font and then back for the New Year and a vacation soon afterwards.

I am making progress on a flurry of Church projects. We have new doors, a chair lift, and are fixing an altar rail at one of the Churches. The office is going to be moved out of the rectory (I am so looking forward to having a desk instead of a dining room table full of papers). Candle sticks and vestments are in the works for another church and the last one I hope will be getting a surprise before Christmas. I will post pictures if I can.

Plus much progress on updating maintenance and hopefully cutting energy costs.

Wow. I need a business manager. All this and I found out one of the protestant pastor’s in town geits paide over 4k a month plus all the benefits I get. Pretty amazing difference in tithing heh?


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