I love my Life

Long overdue but I just got the pictures tonight of Children’s adoration. Here they come for your inspiration. A special thanks to all those who made the monstrance possible. Know that these holy little ones pray for you often.

The Man in the Monstrance

The Children and I interact quite a bit.

For those of you who wonder what Fr. Todd Looks like.

The prostrations. The children practice decreasing so that Christ may increase. Notice the little one in the first and second picture. These children really understand who they bow before.


4 Responses to “I love my Life”

  1. bullschuck Says:

    I know that this is totally off topic, but have you lost weight? Seriously, you look slimmer than your ordination pictures.

    Think I’ll take my kids to the chapel tomorrow before Mass. Give them an idea of some private worship before public.

  2. erin klein Says:

    Simply incredible!! (and Beautiful monstrance!) Fr., thank you for what you are doing! how often do you have children’s adoration?

  3. Fathero9 Says:

    These are very beautiful photos father. We are blessed with Perpetual Adoration in our parish, but there has never been anything like this set up for the children. I think that I will suggest this to my pastor. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jayson Franklin Says:

    Father, I would REALLY like to suggest this at my parish. In fact, I would like more information about it so that I could present it to my pastor. How long is it? What do you do the entire time? How do you suggest organizing it? If you have more information please send it along.


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