Heating & Cooling

I am becoming quite informed on varoius heating and cooling methods for structures. I spent quite a bit of my “day off” doing research on Geothermal systems. I am quite convinced they are the best overall system you can have. The problem is they are darn expensive to put in. The payback is quite good but you need to be able to show the long term benefits to sell the idea of that substantial of an investment.

Currently we heat with a 30yr old #2 heating oil furnace. That was fine and dandy when they put the system in and fuel cost $.35/gallon. Last year the fuel bill was $6000 at $1.20/gallon. We are getting prices between $1.60 and $1.80 this year. We are looking at heat, just heat, costing 20-25% of the budget.

Something needs to be done.

I visited a parish today in Bismarck that has one installed and spoke with their maintenance guy. He is happy. Tomorrow I am going to speak with the business manager over the phone and find out what the breakdown is.

I hope it can produce a substantial savings because the parish will run out of money before it runs out of people as the population in these small towns shrinks and the overall age goes up.


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