Molly is the dog I am taking care of for a seminarian while he is in the seminary. Because it is easier to just say my dog than explain that I will refer to her in the future as my dog. I just don’t want ownership to be confused or misrepresented.

That being said, my dog really cracks me up a lot. I have had a lot of dogs and she is a tough one to figure out. She has some odd mannerisms. She absolutely loves being in the car. I don’t know if she just hates being left behind or loves the car… When I take her out in the mornging to do her business… she runs straight for the garage door. When she see’s I am not leaving then she goes about her natural functions.

I have been keeping her in the car a lot while I am doing my business at the parishes. She likes it in there more than in her kennel inside. I am going to have problems when it is really cold but she will just have to stay in the kennel.

Her most recent thing though is that she has decided that when I am not in the car she prefers to sit in the drivers seat. She has the whole back of the vehicle with the seats down but she wants to be in the driver seat. It is a funny sight. Even when she decides to lay down she will curl up in the drivers seat rather than go back on the nice blanket I bought for her in the back.

She also love’s pig knuckle bones. I am going to have to see if I can buy them in bulk at Sam’s.

Anyway she is a lot of work to take care of but enjoyable. She hate’s being in her kennel alone outside so she doesn’t spend much time out there. That seems to be $350 wasted. If I could build a dog run/fence with a dog door on the house I would but the structure of the house doesn’t lend it to that.

We will have to see what the future holds but it is fun so far. I will try to remember to take some pictures and post them so you can see them.


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