Arlen Specter is an arrogant baby killer

How’s that for a statement about a republican? I don’t vote republican, although I have been accused of it. I vote pro-life.

As you might have seen this joker is the presumed head of the Senate Judiciary committee. He hasn’t been elected yet. He is giving the President Ultimatum’s about his potential nominee’s to the Supreme Court. He told the President not to send up any that are too pro-life or who would overturn Roe V. Wade. We need to work to stop this guy from getting on that committee. I also called Sen. Santorum who is his fellow Senator.

I just called my Senator elect – John Thune and congratulated them. Then I told them that the reason Thune was elected was not because he was a republican but because he was pro-life. I firmly believe that. Daschle brings home the bacon but he doesn’t represent South Dakota Values on Gay Marriage or Abortion. Thune stands on the Catholic side of the issues even though he isn’t a Catholic, and Dashcle supposedly is.

Anyway I told them about this article. Cited it on the AP and told the very gracious phone lady that I would appreciate it if he would vote to send someone pro-life to that committee. Maybe the other senatory for PA.

Well I am writing to suggest you do the same if you are in South Dakota. John Thune’s office number is: ph 605-221-1010. If you want to call him from out of state then your welcome to but I would suggest you call your own republican senators. If one of my homeschoolers is reading this, it would be great if we could pick this up on the email list.

I also echo the suggestion I read quoted from NRO that we call Bill Frist (Senate Majority Leader) and express our concern as well. His number is 202 224 3344. This guy isn’t 100% pro life either so it might have the added effect of helping him to reconsider his own positions.


One Response to “Arlen Specter is an arrogant baby killer”

  1. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the info Father! I’ll be giving Thune a call…

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