Praise God

I am pleased with the elections so far. I can’t tell you what a nerve wracking night/day it was. We had 8 hours of adoration at each parish and I was praying so hard. We actually have a good opportunity to overturn Roe V. Wade. Daschle is gone and can no longer obstruct good judges from being apointed to the bench. I am hoping we get some great appointments, expecially to the Supreme Court.


2 Responses to “Praise God”

  1. delano Says:

    Congrats on Daschle, Fr. Todd


  2. Paula Says:

    It wasn’t until this morning that I heard the Dashle news .. I thought of you right away. The reliance upon polls makes me crazy .. the best smile came this morning when I heard it said regarding the inaccuracy of the exit poll statistics, “perhaps we should do away with exit polls and spend our money on the Psychic Friends Network..”

    God bless Congress, President Bush .. God bless America.

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