St. Anthony’s Tonsure

One of my youth dressed up to play St. Anthony in a presentation for All Saints day. I asked him if he was going to cut his hair. Low and behold he did and it looked awesome. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it but it was way cool.

I told him he should wear it to school tomorrow. He was a bit hesitant. I told him if St. Anthony appears to you in a dream to night then you should do it. He agreed. I talked with his mom and she said he was getting it cut tonight. But he agreed that if St. Anthony did appear he would do it in the future.

Pray, pray, pray. Not because he would probably start a trend in the little town; not because he would look cool doing it; …………….

Pray he appears because it will really cement home for this young man the reality of Saints and of God. His patron saint is St. Anthony of Padua.


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