Pheasant Hunting

Yesterday I participated in the South Dakota tradition of pheasant hunting. I actually just walked the fields and posted/blocked but it was a good time.

On Sunday after Mass I was invited by the sons of a parishioner to go. I was worried it would sound like I was putting them off because I couldn’t go until Tuesday. I was busy all day Sunday and Monday with confirmation interviews, a wake and a funeral. But luckily for me they were in town til Tuesday and I was able to go.

Hanging out with them really made me miss my brothers and my sister. The banter was very similar to when we get together. But we had a good time and a great meal afterwards.

Other notes:

I am pleased to say my sister passed her oral boards. She is now officially and Orthopedic Surgeon.

We are having 40 hours at the Cathedral to kick off the Year of the Eucharist. I am very disappointed distance prevents me from going.

I will be teaching the kids tonight on Church Authority which should be interesting.

Were getting new doors on one of the churches and they look great. I am hoping they save us on our heating costs which are astronomical with the fuel prices.


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