Wow has it been busy. I am just now catching up a bit. I had a funeral last week and that made me have to trash a lot of the plans.

On Friday we have a newer clergy gathering in Aberdeen where we will hear from Fr. Frank Pavone. It will be good to get together with the priests.

Next week finds me in Sioux Falls for spiritual direction.

The classes with the youth seem to be going pretty well.

Now I am working on getting all the background certifications for the teachers ready.

All this and fuel costs have gone up over 33% from last year which means 15% or greater of our budget will be spent on heat. We need to figure something out.


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  1. jas Says:

    Thanks for your posting. I enjoy hearing what it is like from your perspective. I also enjoy the way you end the homilies with “Choose well”. Isn’t this what our lives are about?

    Jas ( Fr of Athanasius)

  2. Paula Says:

    So glad to read your post .. I was beginning to worry for you! Enjoy your priests’ gathering and I will keep your spiritual direction visit in my prayers.

    Keep up the good fight!

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