Highschool youth

The first youth class went pretty well. It was a little chaotic with 50 teenagers but I think we will be able to work with that. Some of the kids are pretty well catechized and that is alwasy good to see.

We debated the exitences of God. I let them choose the side they want. They chose that God exists. We then debated. I came at them with the problem of evil and the standard arguments of evolution. One group came back with both free will and the argument from design. I was pretty impressed. I was able to use a bit of sophistry to leave them confused. They didn’t buy my arguments though.

I later explained to them they were right on both answers and showed them how the arguments I used were could be refuted. I told them they had the right answer but just hadn’t had as much experience debating it as I had so that is why I was able to “get off the hook”.

Overall though I think it went pretty well. At least they will recognize some of the tactics people will use against them in the future. I hope then they will realize there is a reasonable explanation for the challenges and that the existence of God is a more reasonable position than not believing in a God.


2 Responses to “Highschool youth”

  1. Paula Says:

    Wow! Fifty students! Good for you, good for the church! 🙂 Keep at them, Father!

  2. bullschuck Says:

    Great to hear. I’m always a big fan of Shared Christian Praxis and that started with ditching a textbook and talking about life. Not the free-form “let’s just wrap about God,” stuff of the 70s and 80s, but something constructive and engaging. Something very not like school (sitting down and reading, answering questions given by a teacher, etc.) Hope you can keep up the enthusiasm.

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