Back from vacation and ready for another

Wow have the last two days been exhausting and I haven’t even gotten to the mail yet. I didn’t sleep monday night because I packed until about 1 and had to get up at 4 for my flight (yes that is a.m.) I figured better safe than sorry. So I caught about an hour on the plane. I arrived back in Sioux Falls and ran errands for about 2 hours. Then I started the 300mile drive home. After about 50 miles I pulled over to sleep a bit. Then I made it the rest of the way getting home at around 9pm.

Next I had to get ready to meet with the family for the funeral in the morning. I climbed into bed and got 7 hours. Then I was busy non stop on Wednesday until about 10pm. I relaxed an hour and went to bed.

I had the funeral today which was very nice. One of the Grandsons was a policeman and I enjoyed talking to him quite a bit.

Then I went to two nursing homes in two different towns. I had a brief meeting on CCD. Picked up my dog and headed home. She is doing great by the way.

I made it here and told the secretery I needed an hour to sleep before I could get to talk with her. I did that and we worked on the bulletin. I still have to finish that tonight.

Tomorrow I drive to Bismark to visit a parishioner who is in the hospital and need to return for First Friday devotions. Somewhere I need to write a homily for Sunday and make another nursing home visit. I also have a wedding prep at 10am on Saturday.

Allt his and I haven’t even gotten to the mail as I mentioned above.

Egads. But in the end…. I can still celebrate Mass whenever I want to. That is a tremendous blessing.

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