Mobile Padre

Wi-fi is great. I am in the Denver airport on a 2 hour lay over and blogging and surfing. You have to love it. It will be nice when they get the new wi-max standard up.

My plans have changed a bit again in that I have to get in my car and drive 300 miles when I land. I am really tired because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I am probably going to have to pull over and nap quite a bit. Hopefully I will make it in by 10 or so tonight because I have to meet with the family for the funeral arrangments in the morning.

Please pray for them.

Thanks for the many suggestions on the books. I have been getting them via email as well as in comments boxes. I don’t know what the final list will look like. I am going to have to preview some of the suggestions with the view to expanding the list in the future.

Well that’s it for now. Off to do some work before the flight leaves. Hope I can nap on the flight. The last one was a puddle jumper and the seats were incredibly hard. This one is a puddle jumper as well but I am hoping it will be better. At least I have an exit row aisle.


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