Well I had mass for the homeschoolers in Austin today. It was a fun time. I am constantly growing in apprecation of the merits of homeschooling. I hope more people will jump on the bandwagon in the future. It was great to see friends I haven’t seen in quite a while including some that I went to college with and haven’t see in almost 10 years. They have 4 kids. That is a mind boggler.

It looks like I might have to cut short some of my plans due to a funeral. I am still waiting to hear on that.


3 Responses to “Homeschooling”

  1. bullschuck Says:

    Just wondering who you got a chance to catch up with. Too bad we missed out on the opportunity. Now that I can make comments (ah-hem), I’ll make sure to check in more often.

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    It cost me $150 to get comments working. It was Amy and Omar. They are doing great.

  3. bullschuck Says:

    $150? Dang, sorry to question. Great to hear Omar & Amy’s names again. Hopefully they will check in here and we can catch up. I gotta get back to reading this every day so I can catch up face to face with you on one of your Texan excursions.

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