Winding down to wind up

We went tubing yesterday and it was great. There is something amazing about floating down a cool river on a beautiful day. It is very relaxing. Next time I make it down here I am going to go more than once. It really is a nice time to pray as well. That is when your not going by rowdy people who thing drinking beer is the summit of existence. Luckily you can stop and let the float ahead of you.

I have mass for the homeschoolers of Austin today. One of them is my godson. When the Bishop couldn’t do it for them she asked if I would. I said sure. I also will have a newly ordained priest friend of mine concelebrate with me. He is newly ordained for the Austin Diocese. I am sure he will love the group and hopefully a connection will be made. I think they would be good for him and he would be good for them.

I have a few more days here then it’s back to Sioux Falls. I will do some work there for a couple of days and then head back to the parish’s on Friday for first friday devotions. Then back into the swing of things with school and what not.


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