A call to Modesty

I had two recent experiences that were of a bit funny but also encouraging. In one of my homilies I made it very clear that certain clothing is not appropriate for Church. I got a lot of positive feed back from people. There was also a lot of grumbling although only one person said something to me personally. But on to my two experiences (both of which happened more than 100 miles from my parish)

I was stopped by two people on two different occasions to comment on this homily. One was a young man in his 20’s and one was an older lady (no Fr. won’t speculate on her age).

When I was introduced to the young man he said: “Oh your the one that said he would have sweaters for people who didn’t wear clothes in church.” I responded that I said I would provide them with appropriate clothing or albs. He of course thought it was great and wished the priest where he was would do the same.

The lady ran up to me and thanked me for my homily. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. She said the one in which I told people they couldn’t come ‘naked’ to church. She said I wish our priest would do that.

Needless to say I was misquoted in both but many people have thanked me for the homily. They have wanted to say something but didn’t and they wished their priest would. Even our separated brethren have come up to me and commented on it. That being said I hope more priests will do the same.. I don’t do anything the Pope doesn’t do at St. Peters so I am just following his leadership. Do people gripe? Yes they do. But many people now come up to me and apologize if they are wearing clothing that isn’t that great. They explain they were caught overnight without a change. Needless to say if they recognize it then that is a very good thing.

I also want to say I have seen some lady’s that are down right elegant in my parishes. Some young men even wear ties. The best of all is the little hat’s on young ladies and older ones as well. I think a lady in a hat is just a class act. Go to London or Spain and see how the ladie’s dress. It is very impressive.

Now I must admit I don’t notice men’s clothing as much but there has been an improvement since I gave the homily. I am working on signs fro the back of the Church.


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