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Mobile Padre

August 31, 2004

Wi-fi is great. I am in the Denver airport on a 2 hour lay over and blogging and surfing. You have to love it. It will be nice when they get the new wi-max standard up.

My plans have changed a bit again in that I have to get in my car and drive 300 miles when I land. I am really tired because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I am probably going to have to pull over and nap quite a bit. Hopefully I will make it in by 10 or so tonight because I have to meet with the family for the funeral arrangments in the morning.

Please pray for them.

Thanks for the many suggestions on the books. I have been getting them via email as well as in comments boxes. I don’t know what the final list will look like. I am going to have to preview some of the suggestions with the view to expanding the list in the future.

Well that’s it for now. Off to do some work before the flight leaves. Hope I can nap on the flight. The last one was a puddle jumper and the seats were incredibly hard. This one is a puddle jumper as well but I am hoping it will be better. At least I have an exit row aisle.

All good things

August 30, 2004

My vacation is winding up. Today is the last official day and I have to actually spend a bunch of it working. I got a call late on Saturday night that let me know I have a funeral to return to. Please pray for the family. I was supposed to stay in Sioux Falls for a couple of days and get some work done there. The best laid plans…

It will be nice to get into the swing of things with school. It will be a great pleasure to spend time with the homeschoolers again and children’s adoration. I might go look at video camera’s pretty soon so we can get video of it. I don’t think I could afford one right now. Maybe we can figure it out with the homseschoolers though. If they have the right type then I can download the video into the computer. It would be a great thing for you to see.

I also have sown the seeds for Children’s adoration in Austin. We shall see if they fell on fertile ground.

Well off to get busy.


August 29, 2004

Well I had mass for the homeschoolers in Austin today. It was a fun time. I am constantly growing in apprecation of the merits of homeschooling. I hope more people will jump on the bandwagon in the future. It was great to see friends I haven’t seen in quite a while including some that I went to college with and haven’t see in almost 10 years. They have 4 kids. That is a mind boggler.

It looks like I might have to cut short some of my plans due to a funeral. I am still waiting to hear on that.

Winding down to wind up

August 28, 2004

We went tubing yesterday and it was great. There is something amazing about floating down a cool river on a beautiful day. It is very relaxing. Next time I make it down here I am going to go more than once. It really is a nice time to pray as well. That is when your not going by rowdy people who thing drinking beer is the summit of existence. Luckily you can stop and let the float ahead of you.

I have mass for the homeschoolers of Austin today. One of them is my godson. When the Bishop couldn’t do it for them she asked if I would. I said sure. I also will have a newly ordained priest friend of mine concelebrate with me. He is newly ordained for the Austin Diocese. I am sure he will love the group and hopefully a connection will be made. I think they would be good for him and he would be good for them.

I have a few more days here then it’s back to Sioux Falls. I will do some work there for a couple of days and then head back to the parish’s on Friday for first friday devotions. Then back into the swing of things with school and what not.

Book Recommendations

August 26, 2004

Pretty soon I will begin teaching our high school students from all three parishes. Incorporated into this is our confirmation program and an interview process.

During that interview it is my intention to have the students do a few things. 2 items for sure are:
1. They will have to defend the Catholic point of view in a verbal argument against me.
2. They will have to discuss and review a book they have chosen from my list of recommended books.

What I would like to do is solicit ideas,from you, for books for highschool age youth to read. They should meet the following requirements.

1. Be related to the Catholic Faith, explain the catholic faith, or make a case for moral living or deepening ones faith. That being said they don’t necessisarily have to be written by a Catholic but should not contradict the faith.

2. They should be accessible to a high school reading level.

Now here are the books I was thiking of so far:
1. Theology for beginners: Frank Sheed
2. Wild at Heart: John Eldredge
3. First comes Love: Scott Hahn
4. Swear to God: Scott Hahn
5. Rome sweet home: Scott and Kimberly Hahn
6. Lord have Mercy: Scott Hahn
7. Hail Holy Queen: Scott Hahn
8. The Lamb’s Supper: Scott Hahn
9. Aristotle for Everybody: Mortimer Adler
10. 10 Philosophical Mistakes: Mortimer Adler
11. If you really loved me: Jason Evert
12. By What Authority: Mark Shea

Any other suggests would be greatly appreciated. I am going to have to probably have a small list initially of 10 or so books and add to it next year. I need to do this because I have to have all the books read myself and I only have so much time to do it in.

Also I will be asking for a list of references as well for good youth oriented websites. So please start thinking those thoughts as well. I need the books first though.


August 24, 2004

The spring was great and cool. Did a little window shopping at Fry’s electronics which is always fun. Actually my friends and I just walk through and talk about winning the lotto haha.

Now we are watching some movies. Tomorrow the friend I am staying with has jury duty. I am going to lay by the pool and read most of the day. Then we will go out for $.25 wings. That should be fun.

Thursday night we should go camping and tubing on Friday. Saturday has me saying mass for the homeschoolers and goofing around with the godson. Then it will be almost time to head back and get ready for school to start.

Things are going well

August 24, 2004

I am about to go down to one of Austin’s natural springs for a while. It is 90+ degrees here today and the spring is a constant 68…..brrrrr and refreshing.. I am hoping to do a little more work on the website in the next few days and on youth ministry/ccd stuff.

Going tubing on one of the rivers on Friday. Tomorrow will be wash and the pool with reading and studying.

Thanks for catching the blog title error. I got that fixed. Glad to see the comments are working and I can offer them without all the spam comments for unsavory products.

Comments anyone?

August 23, 2004

I think I have the comments system up and running. Please give it a whirl so I can tell if it is working or not. I have it working at the moment where I can add them.


August 23, 2004

I am making headway

Vacation how do you get away…

August 15, 2004

I leave for Minsitry days in Sioux Falls and then get on a plane Tuesday for a much needed vacation. I am really beat mentally and physically. I hope to do a lot of floatin while I am in Texas. Mainly flotin on the rivers (a Texas tradition).

I also will hopefully catch up on a few projects and get a couple of talks written.

Other than that R&R and goofing off with my godson.