I love to swim but this is ridiculous

Swimming in paperwork that is. 3 parishes means 3 times the admin. Granted two of the parishes do a lot on their own but you have to juggle a lot of balls in the air to keep up with things.

This week has had me doing training of lectors. I have two more weeks of training and then I will have to have more training for all those who didn’t/couldn’t show up for the 3 sessions a week I had.

On top of this I have Religoius Ed stuff coming up and the Diocese sends tons of stuff to do as well.

It is a bunch. I wish I had the money to hire a business administrator so I could focus more on pastoral stuff.

If there is any retired military out there that wants to come to a no income tax state and help out with temporal affairs let me know.

Now tomorrow I have to do the bulletin, the homily, go to a ministerial meeting, visit two nursing homes, have mass and confessions and maybe if I have any time left I can do some stuff for the future.



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