Spiritual Warfare

I just got this in today. It is more stunning than it appears in the picture. It came from belgium courtesy of ebay and a good chunk of my salary this month and probably next.

It is worth it.

Children’s adoration should be great this week. They will see a lot of beautiful things. Beauty has great catechetical power. I am going to get those kids to pray for all of you guys but especially for the donors that are helping with the monstrance. Those are a lot of little huge grace bombs going off. Children adoring the Lord. Matt 18:3-6.

The kingdom of darkness is going to get the shock and awe campaign Monday night when those kids have adoration.

I am going to try to get pictures as well as video. The video might take be a challenge. I think I can get the tape but it might be a problem putting it on DVD. If anyone out there can help it would be great. I would love to make copies of that available to people, especially those who have helped with the monstrance.


4 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare”

  1. Nicole Says:

    this makes me happy to read

    i’m sure our lady, mother of us all- is even more happier

    i cant wait to “see”

    please share

    love your new sacred garment (heavenly armor) 🙂

  2. Therese Z Says:

    Is it silent adoration or guided? Do little kids sit that still, or kneel that still, that long? How long? Even at some of our most reverent children’s Masses, the church is filled with a steady rustly twitching the whole time. I look forward to seeing or hearing more about children’s adoration.

  3. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    It is guided and broken up with prayers, singing, prostrations, stories, lots and lots of questions.

    We work to get the wiggles out before we start but there are always some, especially from the 3-4 year olds.

    It is totally geared to the children so anyone who comes realizes that. Matt 18:3-6.

    It is awesome though. They really get it. And it is an incredible thing to look into the holiness and purity of some of these kids.

  4. Ellyn Says:


    (the vestment and the description of the children’s holy hour)

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