Grace Bomb

I can’t get that phrase out of my head. I had such fun and hope thinking about it the other day. We are the Church militant and we fight against sin and darkness. The light given off by a nuclear explosion burns out the vision if you look at it. A similiar image goes though my mind when I elevate the host at Mass and stare right into it. Grace Bomb of the biggest proportions. Staring into the Son himself. Think about what that does the the Kingdom of Darkness.

I also told you a few posts below about walking into places as a priest and being aware of the sacramental characater of my ordination having an effect on those around me. I had a neater one yesterday. I was taking communion to the sick. Grace Bomb kept popping into my head and I thought about the host. Then I remembered that I was carrying the High priest himself with me. I was merely a participant in his true, perfect and eternal priesthood.

We were wading into battle against the minions of darkness. I felt pretty tough. Not because I was so great but because I was standing behing the biggest, toughest, most powerful guy ont he planet. I was like the little Chihuahua standing behind the BullMastiff and yipping at the intruder. I laughed at the thought but I kept on yipping.

Grace Bomb. I like it. I think it is going to stick around a bit.


One Response to “Grace Bomb”

  1. Basil Says:


    Keep droping those “Grace Bombs!” Thats not a bad analogy to use for anything! YOu are that B1 Bomber that is dropping grace all over the prairie! PRAISED BE JESUS!

    Call me when you’re in town!

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