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Vacation’d you get away…

May 31, 2004

Going well. I just had a nice visit with my family and my brother. We played cards and I schooled him in Microsoft Xbox Mechassault. Hehehehe.

I enthroned the Sacred Heart in my Godson’s home today and gave them the annual blessing of families as well. They will have their new baby brother born tomorrow.

I have a annual review with my financial planner tomorrow. Plans are still small hahahaha.

I will start driving back on Thursday morning. I have a few more things to do and I would like to get some work done. We shall see how it goes.

Vacation Part II

May 28, 2004

Well I am back in Austin after a brief trip to Corpus Christi. It was good to see my good friend Fr. Patrick Serna. It was a joy to celebrate Mass with his parish.

They are very reverent with the Eucharist. I celebrated 3 masses there and only one person received in the hand and she wasn’t from the parish. The altar boys are there with the patens and everything.

That was another source of joy. He has 4-6 altar boys at daily mass. One time there was only 3 but he give em a break. All the boys want to serve as much as possible. They get up early and ride their bikes or walk (in some cases a mile or more) to Church in order to serve at the 7am mass. That means they are there by 6:30. Then they go to school. I asked one of them what they were going to do when school lets out and he said “Go to Church and maybe play some”. That was impressive.

They were a great group and I would love to have a chance for my altar servers to meet them. We will have to work on that.

The Deep Sea Fishing was an experience. It was the first time I ever got sea sick in my life. The first 4 hours were miserable. Then I found out that if I stand up I don’t get sea sick. It is only if I sit down.

We got some pictures that I will try to get up later when I get them scanned. My digital camera quit on me. Not sure if it was the batteries or the camera. I have the Best Buy replacement plan so either way it should work out well. Off to get ready for another day.


May 25, 2004

I arrived safely in Texas last night. I know I would never want to live in a city the size of Austin again if I can avoid it. My blood pressure was steadily on the rise as I drove only 5 miles off the interstate.
Traffic kills me.

I also had one major rush hour experience coming through Ft. Worth. I don’t know how people can do that every day.

Give me any of my little towns and I am happy as a clam.

It is good to see friends though. Tomorrow I will probably pray, exercise, sit by the pool and then head out to Corpus Christi.

Fr. Patrick Serna and I will be going deep sea fishin on Thursday. He is quite the story teller so I am looking forward to some legendary tall tales. He is a great guy and it will be nice to have a heart to heart and then sit back and fight fish. Hopefully there will be a fight.

I will get my homily from this last weekend up soon. The Bishop preached at one of the parishes and then we both headed off. Myself to Texas and He to another meeting. He is a great man and a great Bishop.

Now its time to go to sleep. It was a long drive.


May 22, 2004

I just upgraded my movable type installation so that I can get comment registration. I need to upgrade the templates to get it working.

I don’t have the time to do it at present but will get to it on my vacation. Thanks for your patience.

Very Busy

May 20, 2004

I am getting ready for vacation and it is very busy. There are tonso of details to mop up and it is taking quite a while.

It does look like some deep sea fishing is in my future though and I am happy about that. Also one day at the beach at least. No wild boar hunting this year though. You can’t do everything.

The rest of the week should hopefully be pretty relaxful. Lots of driving though. South Dakota to Texas.

Man’s Best Friend

May 17, 2004

I will be getting two dogs before the end of the summer. One will be a personal dog that I have waited for a long time to get. I have had dogs most of my life and am really looking forward to having one again.

The second is one that I will be fostering for about 4 years while one of our seminarians is in the seminary. I hated giving up my pets when I had to go the the seminary and I want to help others to avoid it if I can.

More on them later.

Not approrpaite for Church

May 17, 2004

I have gotten a little bit of flack over my no shorts, no halfshirts, no tanktops, high skirts etc policy for Mass attendance. I also mentioned low cut dresses as well. This is the reason why.

You can’t possibly tell me there isn’t a chaste dress out there that doesn’t exploit women. If vintage is so in they why can’t it be in here as well.

I simply went to google and typed in modest clothing and sure enought there are plenty of sites that cater to it. I know it is a struggle in the stores now a days but I don’t think it is insurrmountable. Not only that but it doesn’t put our daughters on display for people to oggle.

May 16, 2004

Homily – Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year C)
At the heart of every struggle, conflict or fight is a question of power, control, and will. Whose will should be done? This is true of the conflict between the two year old that throws the tantrum with a parent. It is true of the Adolescent that rebels against the parent. It is true of disagreements between spouses. It is true of disagreements in towns. It is true of wars between nations. Most importantly, it is true of our relationship with God when we choose to use our free will to disobey him. True peace, the peace Christ speaks of in the Gospel today, can only come from God. It comes from our free consent to submit our will to God’s and allow him to be King of our lives.
At the heart of all the pain and suffering in the world is rebellion against God. It was true from the moment God created Angels and a third rebelled against God and fell into hell. It was true from the very first days when God created Man and Adam and Eve rebelled against his authority and chose to disobey him. It was true when we killed Christ, the word made flesh, who came to dwell among us. It is true today every time we choose to sin and go against God’s law revealed to us in the scriptures, written on our hearts, and revealed through the Church he established to teach us. If we choose anything other than submission to God, the Kingship and Lordship of Jesus Christ; if we choose an individualism so radical that we separate ourselves from the will of our creator then we choose war, we choose pain, we choose rebellion.
Many people are confused about the choices they make. Some because they haven’t been taught properly, some because they refuse to believe something because it contradicts what they want. One major trick the Devil uses is to cause us to deceive ourselves. He does this by convincing people that they Love God and God loves them so they can do anything they want and there will be no consequences to their choices. If they love God and he loves them then they won’t go to hell. The Devil tells us just enough truth to hook us with the lie. The truth is God loves them and wants them to go to heaven. The truth is those who love God will. The lie is the fact that you can do anything you want and still think you are loving God. Jesus clearly contradicts this in the Gospel today. He says “Whoever loves me will keep my word.” The logical conclusion is that if you don’t try your best to keep his word then you don’t really love him. Love isn’t an emotion. It isn’t a feeling. It isn’t something we have because we want to think we do. Love is an act of the will. It is to will the Good of the other. To Love God is to will his own divine Goodness. It is to will his will. To Love God is to submit to his will as completely as possible, to will what he wills.
The Devil is smarter than any of us and he attempts to deceive us here as well. The Devil can deceive us into thinking we really love God. He often times will convince people that they “are doing the best they can”. For many this is an excuse to let them off the hook. It is an excuse people make to excuse themselves from responsibility and discipline. We know this well for we have seen it many times. People can deceive themselves. How many of us know people who are deceived. Parents how many of you have seen your kids deceive themselves to avoid responsibility and discipline. Sometimes it is easier to fool ourselves than it is to fool others. Satan deceives us, we deceive ourselves, but God is never deceived. Nothing can be hidden from him. He will never accept a lie.
This is why it is so dangerous for our souls to ever second guess scripture, natural law or the teachings of the Church. Indeed in our Gospel Christ promised the Holy Spirit to teach us all things but he only guaranteed to preserve the Church from error when he promised to Peter that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. If we choose our own authority then we have been deceived. No matter how much we feel we are right it doesn’t make it true. The Devil is smarter than us. He deceives us. We deceive ourselves. God isn’t deceived.
The best protection we have is the virtue of humility. It is exemplified by the Virgin Mary at the annunciation when she said “Let it be done unto me according to thy word.” Christ in the Garden suffers at the thought of the torture he needs to endure for our salvation. He asks “If this cup can pass from me then let it but not my will but your will be done.” We pray for it in the Our Father when we ask “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” Every time we go to confession we humble ourselves and confess to God, to ourselves and to our fellow man that we are sinners. Why do the great saint’s go to confession frequently? Mother Teresa went daily, John Paul II is said to go daily. They go, because they know, they need to be constantly reminded that rebellion even in the smallest of things is rebellion. They do not want to rebel. They do not want to risk deceiving themselves or being deceived by the devil. They frequently confess their faults to stay humble and they submit themselves freely and completely and to the Kingship of Jesus Christ. That is why the experience the greatest peace and joy of people on our planet. Christ’s words are fulfilled.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, then these things will be added unto you. Whoever loves me, keeps my word. If you say you love me and do not keep my commands you are a liar. If you remain in me then you will bear great fruit.
We get it backwards and put the cart before the horse. We tell God if you bless me then I will do such and such. If you give me this then I will do that. Who is the King? Who sets the conditions? Who has the power?
You will hear me speaking more about the Kingship of Christ. We will be bringing back the first Friday devotions to the Sacred Heart. We will have holy hours of reparation for our sins. We will have opportunities to humble ourselves and establish Jesus as the king of our lives. We will be offering the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in our family homes so that each family can formally proclaim the Kingship of Christ in their homes. Why? Because I believe every word in scripture and ever teaching taught by God through His Catholic Church that he established and preserves. I believe with all my heart that if we make Christ the king of your lives, if we give up rebellion against God, if we forsake the slavery of sin then we will experience the fruit, joy and peace of Christ. If we do not, then we will not and our inheritance will be pain, suffering and misery. We will reap what we sow.
We each have a choice to make. Whose will is going to Master or lives. We can choose to be our own Masters or we can choose to submit that will to Christ and make him the King of our lives. As for me and my house, I choose the answer of the Blessed Virgin, model of humility and that of Christ in the Garden. I freely choose to submit my will to Gods. As for you and your house I can’t make that decision for you. The choice is yours. Choose well.

Attack – Counter attack

May 13, 2004

Children’s adoration was amazing as usual. We wound up for the summer. I am hoping to continue with the Home Schoolers in the fall. We will see how that works out. I am 300 miles from them but if we can iron out some details we should be able to do it.

I will be starting in one of my parishes this fall and rotating it every year to a new one. There just isn’t enough time to do one of everything for everyone. Hopefully though people will drive. I suspect they will after they experience it. The homeschoolers routinely drive 30 miles to bring kids. They are pretty serious about their children’s catetchetical education and that isn’t a burden for them once a month.

The Adoration was a spiritual high that I am sure did damage to the kingdom of darkness. I also think it work them up a bit because I have noticed some things that I think may be counterattacks. I am going to have to do some praying and some fasting and probably some more penance to counteract it.

Please pray for me and especially if you have small children get them to pray.

Also if you have a devotion to the Sacred Heart please entrust me to the the Sacred Heart of our Lord. If you don’t might I suggest you consider the enthronement of the Sacred Heart? Great promises are made to families.

Satire or Serious? Sadly I think he is serious.

May 9, 2004

I almost think this speech was given on April 1. If he really believe what he says is true of Fox and not of himself then he should be thown in a rubber room because he has a psychotic break with reality.