Beauty and Pain

Priests deal in a lot of both. It is so frustrating to watch people self destruct and there is a lot of self destruction going on in this world. You want to reach out and make the choice for them. Why is it we run so hard in the opposite direction of what we need, the one thing that can make us happy. I grow more and more in the understanding of the Father whose child squanders his inheritance and eats from the trough of pigs.

At the same time I am able to see some pretty incredbily beautiful moments. I often time get to experience the moments when people come to a deeper undestanding of God and his love for them. To watch that dawn is like staring into ecstasy itself. You see the realization as they move one step closer. That is an incredible honor. In that sense you understand what must go across the Father’s eyes when he sees his son at the end of the road on the way home. He doesn’t wait for him but runs to meet him.

Priesthood is amazing. I thank God for the good work he has begun in me and I pray that he bring it to completion.


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