Principal or Superintendent?

Not even sure if I spelled the last one right so that disqualifies me. It seems there will be a lot of openings in one of our school districts including two pretty big jobs. Perhaps you know of someone that might apply. I can promise spiritual support and a Mass that is faithful the the rubrics of the Church.

Send me an email if you are intererested or know someone who is.

On another note I just had two of the busiest days I have had but they were great. Three farm blessings today. That was awesome. I love doing that. Plus I get to ask God to bless all those little future hamburgers and make them really juicy.

I also found out one of my parishoners has horses. That has possibilites. Not for eating of course but for chasing down burgers on the run.

Had some great conversations with people today. I am well aware of the priestly presence that is there sacramentally and I try to take it whereever I go. I am like the B1B stealth bomber. I am not the grace bomb myself but I carry it with me and my smart bombs are getting more accurate.

Now how was that post for some unexpected lingo.


2 Responses to “Principal or Superintendent?”

  1. dave roth Says:

    how can someone email you when you don’t seem to have an email address listed on your site?

  2. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

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