One way or another

I can’t believe the democrats are making this an issue. The bishops should get it over and excommunicate them formally. They have obviously rejected the church and intend to thwart the vatican.


2 Responses to “One way or another”

  1. Father Todd Reitmeyer Says:

    Yeah I forgot the link. I am posting it now. Sorry

  2. The Barrister Says:

    It would appear they are all de facto excommunicated.

    If it was just Pelosi or just Kerry just McGreevey, then it would not be such a thorny issue. Clearly, they are all going to band together to “challenge” the Church, and we need to beat down that challenge publicly and vocally.

    There will be a political fallout when the denial of communion is made. Although I would not want to see the Eucharist denied to anyone, it is clear that it is manifestly unjust to all Catholics to allow any Catholic or non-Catholic to believe that the Church is so cavalier with her most precious Sacraments.

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